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Webcast Library

In 2016, the CGA launched an educational webcast series that will provide an overview on the diagnosis of, the current guidelines and evidence associated with, and the management options for Lynch Syndrome. To access the 2016 CGA WEBCAST SERIES click on the link below.

Overview of Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Syndromes

Brandie Heald Leach, MS, LGC

The History of Hereditary CRC...Who Got Us Here and How

James Church, MD

When to Use a Cancer Gene Panel

Matt Yurgelun, MD

CRC Epidemiology and the Growing Trend of Early Onset CRC

Tom Weber, MD

Screening for Less Common Lynch Syndrome Cancers

Fay Kastrinos, MD

2016 CGA Annual Meeting - Seattle, WA

The CGA is pleased to announce the members of the society are able to access the 2016 Annual Meeting Best Topics webcasts! CGA members are able to access the twenty of the lectures from the Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA.

To access the webcasts, please click here.

Using Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors for Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction

Ulrike 'Riki' Peters, PhD, MPH

Methylation in Sporadic and Inherited Colorectal Cancer

William M. Grady, MD

Update from GAME-ON Consortium

Stephen B. Gruber, MD, PhD, MPH

MMR Gene-guided Lynch Syndrome Management

Noralane M. Lindor, MD

Overview of Syndromes with Small Bowel Burden

Steven H. Erdman, MD


Carol Burke, MD


N. Jewel Samadder, MD, MSc

Surgical Approaches

R. Matthew Walsh, MD

The Effect of Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Syndrome on the Mental Health of Patients and Relatives

Emma Wood, PsyD

Multigene Cancer Panels Versus Whole Exome

Gail P. Jarvik, MD, PhD

Timing of Surgery in Polyposis: Perspectives of the Pediatric and Adult Surgeon

Jeffrey Avansinio, MD, MBA

Communication of Genetic Test Results to Family Members

Patrick Lynch, JD, MD

80% by 2018

Emily Butler Bell, MPH

How Health Systems Can Help Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening Compliance

Beverly Green, MD, MPH

Behavioral Interventions in Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening

Jan Teresa Lowery, PhD, MPH

Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer

David Huntsman, MD, FRCPC, FCCMG


Heather Hampel, MS, LGC

Young Onset Colon Cancer

Maureen E. Mork, MS, CGC

What Do You Do with CDH1 Mutations with No Gastric Family History

James M. Ford, MD

Slide Library
Educational Materials

Monthly Hereditary Gastrointestinal Cancer Journal Scan
We know how hard it is to keep up on the multidisciplinary literature relevant to hereditary GI cancer syndromes. We scan the high-impact journals from Gastroenterology, GI surgery, Oncology, Genetics, Pathology and general medicine/science every month so you don't have to!

Click on title "Monthly Hereditary Gastrointestinal Cancer Journal Scan" above and keep this page bookmarked so you can stay up to date on the literature!

CGA-IGC Webinar Series


The CGA-IGC is pleased to announce their webinar series! Please join us for our second webinar entitled"Pancreatic Cancer Genetics" presented by Matthew Yurgelun, MD from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on August 28 at 5 PM ET.

The webinar is FREE to all CGA members. Genetics counselors interested in obtaining NSGC CEU credits will be able to pay a one-time bundled fee of $25.00 for the entire series.

If you aren't already a CGA member, you can join upon registering for the series and enjoy all of the benefits from membership (free podcasts, free journal scans, free webinars, discounted annual meeting registration and more!).

Membership Fees:
Physicians and PhDs: $200
Genetic Counselors, Nurses, and Registry Coordinators: $75
Health Professional Trainees (genetic counseling students, residents, fellows): $25

Genetic Counselor CEUs:
The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) has authorized Collaborative Group of the Americas - Inherited Colorectal Cancer (CGA) to offer up to 0.6 CEUs or 6.0 Category 1 contact hours for the activity CGA Presents: A Webinar Series about Inherited GI Cancers. The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) will accept CEUs earned at this program for the purposes of genetic counselor certification and recertification.

Plan to tune in for future planned dates, topics and speakers in the series!

November 2018 : "What is Lynch-Like Syndrome, Anyway?"
presented by Xavier Llor, MD, PhD from Yale School of Medicine
January 2019 : "Endoscopic, Pharmacologic and Surgical Management of Polyposis"
presented by Matthew Kalady, MD from Cleveland Clinic
March 2019 : "How to Create a Multi-Disciplinary Plan for Communicating and Managing the Implications of Germline, Paired and Somatic Testing" presented by Jessica Everett, CGC from NYU Lagone Health
June 2019 : "Early Onset Colorectal Cancer" presented by Elena Stoffel, MD from University of Michigan

For more information on the webinar series, please contact the CGA-IGC at

Past Webinar

Webinar Series 1: " Universal Mismatch Repair Screening for Lynch Syndrome-Where Are We Now?" was presented by Dr. Michael Hall on Tuesday, June 19, 2018. Dr. Hall discussed the rapidly evolving topic and had a live discussion with questions and answers. Didn't get to attend? Click here to view the recorded webinar!